How to convert Roblox decal ID to roblox Image ID

Ok, so I’m trying to make a recruiting game and my players can set up an advertisement and put up their decal. The only problem is, the decal image does not work. I need the image ID in order for it to work, and so far I have not found any solution to this, doing it in game through scripts.

Reminder that Insert Service only works for things that the owner of the game owns & for things the official Roblox account owns.

While the initial sentence of “this has been asked so many times” is still applicable (still gets asked now), the response has changed. This is an old post and I don’t use this advice anymore; I use rbxthumb now. Here are a few posts I’ve made talking about rbxthumb that you can check up on:

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rbxthumb://decalid This will work to grab the image ID.