How to convert studs per heartbeat to studs per second?

I’m trying to convert to studs per second because I’m using heartbeat to move some objects, though heartbeat isn’t always at the same rate all the time (and I have no idea how fast it is normally). The objects I’m moving have a number value in them so I can change it’s speed at any time I need to.

Unfortunately; I suck at math, and can’t figure out how to do this.

There is an argument in Heartbeat which is called “deltaTime”. You can use this to convert studs per second to the actual movement of the object.

If you want an object to move 20 studs in a second, smoothly. Then you move it at each heartbeat by 20 * deltaTime.

Delta time is the time since the previous heartbeat. It is normally 1/60 (60 fps). It is different from framerate, your framerate may be low but Heartbeat still at 60 fps.


Took a while for me to get it to work, but it worked eventually.
I forget about deltaTime a lot.