How to create a certain type of anti exploite?

I am a small developper and I want to know how to create a certain type of anit exploit with 3 layers.

1st layer: Roblox exploits uses DLL that is inserted to the game. I need a script that can ban the player if he inserts a dll. (if possible)

2nd layer: If a person’s speed/jump power is higher or lower, place it back to normal, if the player does it again, then he gets banned. If he flies he gets automaticly ban.

3rd layer: If a person enters certain areas, he gets teleported, if he enters it again, he gets banned.

Please tell me if it’s impossible.

The second and third parts are pretty simple to implement and can be tackled in a variety of ways. For example, you could create a connection which listens for various properties of the humanoid being changed such as WalkSpeed or JumpPower and utilising Region3 values or perhaps even just the Touched event to a BasePart to detect whether a player is exploiting to get somewhere.

In regards to the libraries exploit, that is something that as far as I’m aware is very very difficult to tackle using scripts. Roblox does a very good job at game security in their Filtering Enabled mechanics and also have a lot of safeties in place for DLL injection. If someone exploits using a DLL injection, it should probably be reported to Roblox to see whether they can patch the exploit using their engine.

Alas! I am not the best scripter in the world and I’m sure there are other people here more qualified than I but that’s as far as I am aware.

Hope this helps,

  • Tom :slight_smile:

From past searches I have learned if you want to make an anti exploit the best way is to use raycasting as the main method to provide good coverage of protection.

The above may work but many exploits lie about their properties making Position the only reliable property to use.

Instead of banning players who fail these checks (Since this could ban players who are lagging) you should give each player a trust score and decrease it when they fail any of these checks and then kill their avatar or kick them if the score goes down to much. If you do search on the Forum about exploiting there is a lot of resources on how to make a good exploit protection script.