How to create a Global Timer for a specific timezone

Hello, I would like to create a live clock that will show the current time in EST in all game servers. It would also be good if the timer is not influenced by a players fps.

An exact example of what Im looking to achieve is from a game called Shindo Life

Down below is my attempt of trying to do it. The timer functions, but I believe that it only shows the time in EST because I am located in that timezone.

while true do
	local timer = script.Parent
	local unixTime = os.time()
	local unixFormat = "%I:%M:%S %p EST"

	local result =, unixTime)

	timer.Text = result

Did you already check LocalizationService?

No, unfortunately I’m fairly new to scripting (1 - 2 months experience) and I’ve just been creating small projects. I’ve yet to encounter having to use Localization Service. Can I have some help on how it is done?

I created something like this already, and it does not need LocalizationService. All servers are synchronized with the same time and timezone.

Me using a clock, look at the top-right corner:

What I recommend doing is setting it to a local time and basing it around the timezone you want to use.

All servers use GMT/UTC. All you need to do is a bit of math and you’ll be good.