How to create a new scope in a data store

Hi everyone, I am currently creating leaderboards for songs in my game. These leaderboards will hold a players username and their score. I was thinking of achieving this via scopes however, I don’t know how I would achieve creating a scope for 300 songs. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I don’t think you’d need another scope for this, you should be able to do it normally with tables.

Even if you have 1,000 songs whose IDs are all 25 characters long (which is way longer than Roblox’s audio IDs are, you’d only be at about 30,000 characters (taking into account the indexes and commas) which is only like 0.75% of the datastore limit.

You should do this with a dictionary, with the keys/fields representing each song and the associated values representing the scores achieved in those songs. Store one of these tables for each player, have the default score for songs be 0.

So create an individual data store for each song?

No, use a table to store all of the songs.

But how would I integrate this with a data store?

Tables can be stored to datastores

I think you misunderstood what I was saying, I want to store players scores for each of these songs. For example, if they click on song one, it retrieves peoples scores for song one.

Oh I am misunderstanding then haha, I think you can use ordered datastores for it but 300 songs is quite a bit and I think you’d hit the datastore limit pretty quickly unless you’re using single-player servers.