How to create a proximity chat/radio system using TextChatService?

I’m using the new TextChatService and I want my system to include the following:

  • Players can only see messages from other players within a 25 stud radius.
  • Players can use a command, similar to /team, called /whisper, to decrease this stud radius to 10 studs.
  • Players can bypass the stud radius all together if both the sender and recipient have a radio.
  • I can use the server to send system messages.
  • I’d prefer if I could also make multiple radio channels instead of one.

I’m really not sure where to start, since the documentation is a bit confusing and lackluster, however I did figure out how to add chat tags for showing things like whether it’s a system message or radio message.

Bumping cause its been 10+ hours

Edit: I’ve figured out how to make custom channels, but the player cant access them even if I add them to the channel. And if I disable the default channels the player cant chat at all even if they are added to the custom ones.

Bumping because it’s been a while;

Do you still need help with this?

Nope, gonna mark this is a solution, thanks though!

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