How To Create A Random Accessory Generator

This isn’t a very efficient way to do this since I treasure your learning more than how efficient it is.

Video format (Less Detailed): How To Make A Random Accessory/Character Generator Using Tables In Roblox Studio - YouTube

Step one (Scripts And Organization):
Insert a script into the game. I inserted it into ServerScriptService to keep it organized.

Step two (Variables And Tables):
First, create a table variable for the hats. I only picked two to keep it organized and short. Don’t forget to use brace brackets, add commas, and use string values. You also need to add the player and character variable using local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer and player.CharacterAdded:Connect(function(Chr).

Table variables are pretty easy. They are just variables that store more than one value. They can help with organization. I’ll link a Dev Hub article in the sources.

Next, we will convert this table into a random string value. We will be using math.Random, which will be linked at the end.

Basically, math.Random is a future that can be used with tables, GetChildren variables, and other objects that can have multiple values. The next part of math.Random is the numbers. It requires two numbers, so it knows how many objects you want to be selected. After that info is given, the variable turns into a completely random object depending on what the input of it is.

Step three (If Statements And Insertservice):
(Please keep in mind you have to redo this step with all your string values)

Now we need to figure out what random accessory was selected. Replace the word “Valk” with one of the string values you put on the table variable.

We can use if statements to basically ask what the object is. The article will be linked in the sources.

Next, we need to insert the associated hat into the game. We can do this using InsertService. Find the ID of your hat and replace the ID with yours. We also have to parent it to Workspace because InsertService inserts accessories as models, not accessories.

InsertService is a game service that allows you to insert models, hats, decals, and anything else with an ID. It is helpful for many things.

Step four (Getting Rid Of The Model):

Lastly, test play your game until the model shows up, open up its children, and copy its child’s name. Next, find the accessory and parent it to the character.



Tables - Tables

math.Random - math

If Statements - Conditional Structures

InsertService - InsertService


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