How to create a registered user counter?

I wanted to make a registered user counter on Roblox.

Please don’t put a whole script down below, since I want to learn off it too.
With this, I mean the amount of users on Roblox.


What do you mean by that.

  1. A list of players?
  2. Amount of users on Roblox?
    Please specify when you post.

I edited the message. Sorry for not doing that earlier.

I still dont understand what you mean?

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It shows the amount of registered users in Roblox

  1. I don’t know if there is a API for this
  2. You would have to use a proxy to make a request to the ROBLOX Website
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As everyone else has asked, what does ‘registered user’ mean?

You could probably set up a web-server and get information about Roblox using HTTPService. There isn’t any API reference for this though. I guess you could do some sort of search system that goes through user’s UserId, though I would have to question whether that’s possible.

register_test.rbxlx (46.0 KB)
(dunno if it should be rbxl)

If I understood you correctly…

I’ve managed to do it by abusing game.Players:GetNameFromUserIdAsync().

I don’t know if it’s accurate (roblox gets users too fast), depends how will you set the id variable (must be the highest possible).
I’ve tried to make it automatic, but almost 2B users is too much (currently around 1.95B), and GetNameFromUserIdAsync also yields (you could try putting it in a coroutine and see if would be faster) and cannot be called too often.

The script is in ServerScriptService.scripts.

It took me around 40 minutes.

If you need further explanation about this code and how it works, PM me on DevForum.

Enjoy, have a nice day!


Did you see this?

I didn’t put the whole script. I put the whole place, but he doesn’t need to look inside of the script.
It’s just a demonstration so he can download this file and look for himself.

Also, I told him to PM me if he needs further explanation about this code.

And yes, I saw it.

Thanks for your help. I will try it out

Sorry for replying since 19 days passed, but I’ve actually made them, here is the game for it. (If you want a script, tell me)

Anyways, getting every user to verify is nearly impossible (since GetNameFromUserIdAsync is yield function), so I’ve used math.random to skip some numbers.

But starting to check from user No.1 (ROBLOX) is not a quite good idea, so I made script to check if there’s user, by changing a number of digit, such as:

    --Start by billions digit
  User No. 1,000,000,000: Exists!
  User No. 2,000,000,000: Does not exist.
  User No. 2,000,000,001: (Check if there are not existing, since they might banned)
    --Make billions digits to previous existed number
  User No. 1,100,000,000: Exists! 
  User No. 1,900,000,000: Exists!
  User No. 2,000,000,000: Does not exist.
  User No. 2,000,000,001: (Check)
    --Make hundred-millions digits to previous existed number
  User No. 1,910,000,000: Exists!

And so on. (It currently displays 1,997,700,000 approximately)

Yeah, and count them using math.random, if doesn’t exists: try again.
If user wasn’t exist for multiple times, you could just make counters back, since there is no one registered.

Here’s my idea, use as reference. :bulb:
Happy developing!

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