How to create a smooth growing script for a custom rigged model?

I am trying to achieve a growing script that won’t break a custom rigged model’s welds. There is a game that is R6 based but the model is custom rigged. I wanted to see if anyone can help me achieve this effect. I am aware of r15’s humanoid properties allowing such things, but for an r6 system, I have seen zero information regarding that. The example I am referring to is in this game, I will provide an example via a GIF down below:

Here is an example of what I mean:

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Hmm interesting.

I think the solution you may be looking for might be CFrame:ToWorldSpace() combined with TweenService.

You have to expand (sorry I dont know the proper name) relative to a point

If you want it to expand from the ground you have to select a point on the ground. Simply multiply the CFrame by the multiplier and it should work.

Sorry for bad explanation.

I do still believe the joints will break if I do this. Resizing is not the problem, it’s more of how do you prevent the welds from breaking which then breaks the animation and everything else.

Well if you made your own animation then all you have to do is multiply the Keyframe from the PrimaryPart. Right?


How exactly do they break? are you using something else other than motor6d?

If you resize/move a part, it will break any motor 6d attached to it.

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You can create a copy of the model or just create an array with all the Moter6Ds in the model, and then after resizing the character, create the Moter6Ds in the same position but scale the positions with the character. Hope this helps.

I think I found a solution. However for an animation to play while the player is growing to give it that other worldly feel, I will need to see if it works