How to create a UIListLayout with variable height items?

I have this ScrollingFrame with a UIListLayout containing 3 images, which each have a different height and width:

All images use ScaleType: Fit

Although Size.X.Scale is set to 1 for all images, only the first image occupies the entire X axis.

How do I make all images occupy the entire width of the frame (X), regardless of its height (Y)?

Here is the original project:
testes.rbxl (40.1 KB)

So I have re-uploaded what I think you might be looking for. Keep in mind the size of your image will affect the look of the icons, but they are fixed to the entire X value width as you wanted. To achieve I just changed the Size Scale of the images to {1,0},{1,0} … and I set the SizeConstraint to RelativeXX. This keeps it at the full X axis frame size, regardless of its height.
testes.rbxl (40.1 KB)

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