How to create animation that freezes arm?

Hi all, I’m attempting to make a tool, where in first person the arm does not move. I know I am supposed to somehow create an animation that freezes the hand, but it doesn’t seem to be freezing the hand whatsoever. I’ve looked at many forum posts, but none give specific enough details to help.

Essentially in the video, my arm is moving around, which is not what I want. There is already an animation playing, which is supposed to freeze the arm, but it doesn’t. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Exactly how are you applying the animation, and what does it look like? Is the priority of the animation set to “Action”? Does the arm freezing animation work while you are in third person?

  • Essentially, the animation is playing and looping whenever a tool is equipped and is not being activated.
  • It is an R15 animation that simply extends the hand out straight(for now, just for testing) . There is only one keyframe.
  • The priority is set to action.
  • The animation works, but the arm is not frozen.
    I would send some images but I am currently away from my residence.
    Will give more details later, but this should answer your questions.

Did you edit the walk cycle or the idle cycle?

I’m not sure about that. The original place I tested my animation had the “realism mod” installed, but I tested it on a new place and the problem seemed to persist, so I believe not.