How to create Humanoid:MoveTo?

I was wondering how I could create this, there are some things I would like to modify with it. I want to know how they do this. I cannot re-create it.

I assume you are referring to the fact that you do not want to use :MoveTo() on a humanoid object. So instead you can either use the TweenService to achieve this or use a Physics object such as "AlignPosition" &"AlignOrientation"

No I meant how does the function work, how would a re-create this function like is it open source.

This is just example of MoveTo() API (Sorry if I gave the wrong example)

local dummy = -- Dummy Var
local humanoid = dummy.Humanoid

local part = -- Destination


You can’t recreate this function. That’s something internally made and managed by the Roblox Engine.

However, You can do something similiar, Such as a function that changes the Character’s HumanoidRootPart’s CFrame each frame towards the certain Position given. (Which is not that worth doing)

MoveTo won’t work because it stops after any minute change to the Character, I need something like this because moving by cframe wont look realistic. What should I use?

How does it work? What do they use do get the effect?