How to curve AlignPosition to goal?

I’m trying to create a throw effect on my fishing rod, but atm it just looks too linear and bad.

local Lure ="Part")
Lure.BrickColor ="Bright orange")
Lure.Name = "Lure"
Lure.Shape = Enum.PartType.Ball
Lure.Size =, 0.5, 0.5)
Lure.CFrame = self.FishingRod.Top.WorldCFrame

-- Create rope
local Rope ="RopeConstraint")
Rope.Color =, 150, 150))
Rope.Thickness = 0.085
Rope.Visible = true
Rope.Attachment0 = self.FishingRod.Top
Rope.Attachment1 = Attachment
Rope.Length = Player:DistanceFromCharacter(hitPosition)
Rope.Parent = Lure

local AlignPosition ="AlignPosition")
AlignPosition.Mode = Enum.PositionAlignmentMode.OneAttachment
AlignPosition.Attachment0 = Attachment
AlignPosition.Position = hitPosition
AlignPosition.Parent = Lure

Idk if there’s an easy way to either use a bezier curve or something else, maybe relying on gravity/etc. to give it some sort of natural arc into the water