How to cut a part in peices

So I want to make a door embeded into a wall like bloxburg and Im not sure how to do it
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There is 2 ways I can think of.

Solid Modeling

The easiest way is to use a tool located in Model called Solid Modeling. You’ll want to select a part (this will be your hole) and click the negate option. It will turn a transparent red. Move it into your wall and select both it and the negated part (which you can do with shift) and click Union. It should carve out a chunk the sized of your doorway wherever you put the negated part.

This is not the best way to do it, but it is quick and easy.

Manual Application

The other way is manual application. This isn’t some technical jargon term. I just made it up. Basically, you construct a doorway with the tools located in the Home tab, called Tools. The move tool moves, and the scale tool makes things larger, smaller, wider or longer. You can use this to construct a doorway. You can add smaller parts around the doorway hole that line the wall, to get that “embedded” look you want.