How to datastore models?

In my game everyone has their own saveable bunker but I don’t know how to datastore models. I’ve tried using tables but I realized that will be too impractical and I would end up with loads of monstrous tables.

You can try serializing them. Take the part’s cframes, color, etc. all the properties you need, put them in a string, compress them if you want, save them, then create a function that recreates a model based off of these strings. There are probably plenty of serialization modules if you look for one.

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You can’t store anything other than strings, numbers, tables, and booleans.
I recommend using a table whose entries are tables themselves which represent each part with their relevant properties. Keep in mind your data for each datastore entry has to be smaller than 260kB (JSON encoded).

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Fun fact: You can turn tables into strings with HTTP service automatically! Pretty handy in situations like this.