How to delete letters in a string

Heyo! Is there a way to delete some letters in a string, for example:

local CoolString = "Address the council"

Let’s say I wanted to remove “Address” from the string, how could this be done, without searching for the word inside the string and deleting it. This is sorta what I wanted:

local CoolString = "Address the council"
CoolString.LettersDelete[fromBeginning, 7] -- This isn't real, just a concept
print(CoolString) -- Should output " the council"

This is basically what I want to achieve, I know other languages have this, but I’m not sure how to do this in Lua, much appreciated!

local str = "Hello World"
print(string.sub(str,7,string.len(str))) --it will print 'World'
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