How to destroy() local parts?

A local script clones a model that has parts in it and parent it in workspace and a ball will fall. How do I make the parts that touched the ball destroy? I tried adding local script to the parts that destroys the part when the ball touched it , but it didn’t work. I also tried adding a local script to the ball that destroy parts when it touched the ball, but it also didn’t work. I’m making it locally cause when I tried making it server side, its making my device lag. the parts is 3x3 and stacked like a Lego.

Local scripts don’t work in the workspace try moving the script to another parent, for example the PlayerScripts.

maybe this script may work. (note please: i am not good at scripting, so it may not work).

local Ball = script.parent.ball


(it must be a script, since LocalScripts doesn’t works in Workspace).

if this is not working, i tried my best.

Well, he’s asking for a local script, not a server script.

yea, but local scripts doesn’t work in workspace?

He can parent the script to the playerscripts for example or character scripts. Since the local scripts will work in the character.

oh, sorry, not being good at scripting… still learning.

What’s the script you have so far which was causing latency issues?

I have local script in starterplayerscript and playergui

Could you share your script with us?

I’m so sorry for taking your time but I accidently fixed it. Here’s the script

if part.Name == “DONT” or part.Name == “Baseplate” then

I added a local script in the ball with that line of code and it worked. Im sorry again for taking your time