How to detect if a game hasn't started in a separate place?

My initial goal is to create a battle royale game, I have the start place listed as Lobby and the battle royale map listed as Game.

The way I want it to be -
I have a gui already set up, my goal is for players to join “Rooms” where a countdown will be shown and then they will be teleported, this is easy for me but the only problem is that the game may be already in progress in the other place, how can I detect if the game in the other place hasn’t started yet and then teleport all the players to it?

I couldn’t find anything on this and I have no idea how to accomplish this, thanks in advance.

You could use Messaging Service to allow each server to communicate back to the lobby if the server has started its match or not. The Cross-Server Messaging article has an explanation and an example place that covers a similar idea.


Instead of checking if the place is already being used, maybe try Private Servers?

Unless you want it to be specificly this system then I’d recommend @MP3Face’s idea as it would work


Im going to try both of these, but can you send me a link to a tutorial to these private servers you are talking about? Thanks.

You can probably find a tutorial on your own about private servers on youtube but here’s a short version of how you can just use it

You’d want to use the private servers function and reserve function and to simply combine them, do this

local reservedServer = teleportService:ReserveServer(placeID)
teleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(placeID, reservedServer, {Player1, Player2...})	

use the links for more information about this

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