How to detect if a players head is gone

Hello, (Again to those who have looked at my previous posts)

I am making a gore system (Don’t worry, I will maintain roblox’s TOS by making an enable and disable system.) But for some reason I can’t get the script to detect if the players head is missing… And I need help understanding how to detect that because it doesn’t seem to be detecting it. (And if you can, how to place a model by a players head attachment, that would be appreciated)

I’ve tried printing to see if it detects. Which it doesn’t. I’ve tried to add no detections, but even then it didn’t clone, for some reason…

(Reminder) Main things I’m looking for are:
-How to detect if a players head is gone and how to properly clone a model
-How to set the cframe of a model to a head attachment.

Anything helps!

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You can detect the part by using this:

local part = game.Workspace.Part-- Replace this with the player's head

if game.Workspace:FindFirstChild(part) then
	print("The part is there.")

I am not sure what you are asking for the CFrame.

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Well I want to detect if the head is GONE. Not THERE.

Also what I mean by the CFrame is, I want to set a bloody head in the position of the head before, but I just decided to set the CFrame of it to a NeckAttachment’s Position. But I’m not entirely sure if that is going to work. (Note that the head I am working with is a model, and I want to replace a BasePart head (default head) with a model (Bloody head))