How to detect if a tool was picked from the ground or from backpack?

Hello, when a player picks up a tool from workspace/equips a tool from their backpack, the tool is parented to the character via the ChildAdded event. Is there any way to distinguish if a tool was picked from the character’s backpack or from workspace? In other words, how can you detect the previous parent of a tool before it was added to the character?

this is a tool, there are a lot of ways to do it but

how to detect a parent is changed?

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I’d use that and also store the old parent as a variable.

I got something to work using attributes and the AncestryChanged event

for i, v in pairs(list) do
		if v then
			v:SetAttribute("PrevParent", v.Parent.Name)
	if v:IsA("Tool") then
		local check = v:GetAttribute("PrevParent")
		if check == bp.Name then return end --if tool's from bacpack then return

Thanks for the idea
Actually I didn’t even need the ancestryChanged event bruh, idek how this code works