How to disable player collisions by the client?

I want to disable the collision of the players while the player it is in the menu, but locally. When he click the play button the collision turn off and he just started to play. I don’t know a way to do this without using PhysicsService.

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You could instead have the players spawn in a box and when they press play their spawn changes to the map.

why not use physics service?
or just teleport everyone from a box to the map

This is probably easier to do on the server
Just give them the collision group when they enter the menu and take it away when they leave

I must agree with @Bubblebuddy200. It would be much easier to do it on the server via—collision filtering. I must ask though, why do you need to make it local specifically? Or just like @MrPieFace10 stated, teleport all players from a spawn box like other large games?

Because physicsservice can only be done in script, I think.

Because I did a customize system, and I want to the disable the collisions while he is in menu.