How to disable poppercam properly? (as of now since camera system had been updated)

how do i disable the poppercam without having to delete it and cause error?
i want this so player camera can clip through anything while zooming out

Have you tried forking and editing the script responsible for the whole client and the PopperCam module?

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welp nevermind
on line 121

local function canOcclude(part)
	-- Occluders must be:
	-- 1. Opaque
	-- 2. Interactable
	-- 3. Not in the same assembly as the subject

		getTotalTransparency(part) < 0 and --.25 -- changed from .25 to 0 and it worked. though meaning popper is useless and the module might cause memory leaks?
		part.CanCollide and
		subjectRoot ~= (part:GetRootPart() or part) and
		not part:IsA("TrussPart")
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