How to do an short delay when Playing Sprint Anim

How i would make a short delay when the animation plays?, i mean, like this

In the minute 0:03, if you look near, you will notice it plays slowly and then play it full

Video by @builderwaci

It’s all inside the animation actually, rather than the script. The animator most likely keyframed the animation to move slower upon getting ready to swing and then keyframed it to move faster when swinging.

Whoops! My bad.

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I refer to the running animation

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While playing the animation do this:

local loadedAnim = humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(urAnim)
loadedAnim:Play(0.5) -- This will create the delay effect as it will transition from the previous anim to the new anim (increase this to increase the delay)

Its okay :slight_smile: , thanks anyways , you got me more ideas thanks to your answer .

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