How to edit billboard guis with a script (doesnt have to be script if theres easier solution)

hello i have this billboard gui to show players where shop is but i dont want the text getting bigger the farther they are away. instead i want the opposite (it to get bigger to closer they are and shrink when your far away) i tried writing a script but i dont really even know which properties to edit in the script.

note: script is local

Try using a udim2 with only scale values.

The Size property of a BillboardGui works slightly differently than GuiObjects: the offset portion still represents pixel size; however, the scalar portion represents the dimensions in world space (studs). So, a size of, 50, 5, -20) would be the size of 3 by 5 studs in world space, with 50 more pixels on the X axis and 20 less pixels on the Y axis.

is there any way i cant get it to get smaller the farther they are from it. or honestly i would be fine if its set at one certain size and doesnt get bigger or smaller

Yep try looking at the distance lower limit and distance upper limit properties, no script needed.

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When i get home ill see if it works. I might have more questions as wel