How to efficiently put all strings from a table into a embedded discord message

What I have right now,

local crystals =
	["Enum.KeyCode.G"] = "Green";
	["Enum.KeyCode.B"] = "Blue";
	["Enum.KeyCode.Z"] = "White";
	["Enum.KeyCode.R"] = "Red";
	["Enum.KeyCode.T"] = "Orange";
	["Enum.KeyCode.C"] = "Cyan";
	["Enum.KeyCode.Y"] = "Yellow";
	["Enum.KeyCode.P"] = "Purple";

local function addCrystal(plr, info)
	if info.Request == "RequestCrystal" then
		datastore:SetAsync(plr.UserId, info.Crystals)
		for i,v in pairs(info.Crystals) do
			plr.Settings[v].Value = true
		local data = 
			["content"] = " ",
			["embeds"] = {{
				["title"] = "__**Default Crystals Selected**__",
				["description"] = "**Name:** ".. plr.Name.."\n".."**Crystal(s): **".. info.Crystals[1],	
				["type"] = "rich",
				["color"] = tonumber(0x58FAF4),
				["fields"] = {
		local newdata = httpserv:JSONEncode(data)
		httpserv:PostAsync(url, newdata)

I want to make it so I can make a log on discord for all of the strings inside the table, but like it lines it up with …"\n"…

Is this possible? And if so I would be very grateful to know how

You can use table.concat() for this purpose.

table.concat(table, “\n”)