How to eliminate vibrations while using Rocket Propulsion

Sorry for asking a really basic question,

Am facing an issue of shaking parts which use rocket propulsion when it has reached the target.
whenever the parts reach the target it starts shaking.
Am currently trying to make a pet follow system, so the pets have to follow the player but my pets keep shaking whenever they reach the required part.

i wanted to use ‘targetreached’ and then anchor the part so that it doesn’t keep shaking, but realised target reached fires only the first time.

Thanks for your help and the time u took to help me.

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It’s easier to help if you post your code.

Seems like maybe your TargetRadius is too low or even 0? Try setting it to like 1 or 0.5.

The whole “flies towards the target when Fire is called” makes RocketPropulsion not the most obvious way of making it do what you want. My go-to would be BodyPosition and BodyGyro. With these you don’t have to call any methods or anything like that. You just update the BodyPosition.Position and BodyGyro.CFrame, and it constantly tries to move the pet to those values automatically. You’ll still need to set the Position and CFrame of the BodyMovers every frame or so.

If you want it even more automatic / less code, you could use AlignPosition and AlignOrientation instead, but then you need Attachments also.

i thought of using body position as well but thought rocket propulsion would be easier.
Thanks for the help.
i’ll be using body position then.

	local ro ="RocketPropulsion")
	ro.Parent = script.Parent
	local target = game.Workspace.PhAnToMjose4605.UpperTorso
	ro.MaxSpeed = 20
	ro.MaxThrust = 4000
	ro.Target = target
	ro.TargetOffset =,5,0)
	ro.CartoonFactor = 1
	ro.MaxTorque =, 400000, 400000)
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