How to exlpode a model

Hi! I want to make a model explode. It’s like the sentry in big paintball where when it gets shot it explodes and gets destroyed a few seconds later. But I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it. Please help

Can’t write the code for you but heres a quick outline:

  1. Make a .Touched function trigger when specific part touches part
  2. Write script to create explosion
  3. Trigger explosion and unanchor all children of the model for big boom
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i only need the second point which is making the explosion

Just loop threw the children of the model, make it un anchored and add a explosion. Boom.

oh. how to add explosion though?

when it gets shot alr

local Model = script.Parent -- Ur Model Thingy

local Object = Model.Part -- Example a Part cuz Model cant be touched 

local Connection -- Variable for inside function disconnecting

Connection = Object.Touched:Connect(function(Hit) -- Function
	if Hit.Parent.Name == "Bullet" then -- Confirm the object if its a bullet (I JUST USED THE NAME PROPERTY) 

		Connection:Disconnect() -- stop the repetition

		local Explosion ="Explosion") -- Explosion added
		Explosion.Parent = Object
		Explosion.Position = Object.Position

		wait(5) -- Delay time for the model destroy after the explosion

		Model:Destroy() -- Destroying the model 

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