How to find Front CFrame and Right CFrame of the camera?

I need to find the front and right cframe of the camera for my custom character controller. But I don’t know how to implement that. I am just multiplying my velocity with the lookvector and it isn’t working. I need to make the player look around and move forward, backward, left and right like the normal roblox character. How do I do that?

	game.Workspace.Player.Balance.Velocity.Value = CalculateVector(KeyBinds) * CamVector * MoveSpeed * 5
	game.Workspace.Player.Balance.Velocity.Value =,0,game.Workspace.Player.Balance.Velocity.Value.Z)

I will be afk for a bit and might check for replies later.

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I will make a diagram to show what I am trying to say.

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The blue arrows are where the player should go relative to the camera. The yellow/green arrow is the camera’s “LookVector”. Sorry for bad art. (Using Mouse)

what should that mean?
What is your goal in this line of script

You can use CFrame.rightVector

Set the velocity to 0 so that it wont change change when I move the player.

Yes but I tried and it just increased the speed on the axis when I put my camera to the side. Default front would make the left and right faster and from the side would make back and forth faster. :frowning:

Do you have any videos of what you’re trying to achieve?

Well, here is a video of what sort of movement I am trying to achieve. Move the player in the four directions and alter them when the camera is moved or turned.


so you need a new custom movement?

I was seeing if I could make a player move without the actual Roblox character script.

I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve but this guy made a custom ball control take a look at it