How to find # players in a reserved server?

or can i only use datastore?

You could try using HttpService and an external service like Google Spreadsheets, but it isn’t recommended. DataStore is the only proper option for that at the moment.

You can use ordered datastores for that. Reserve server ID as the Key, your data as the value

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i tried but i hit the limit easily since i’m trying to do something like this

What limit did you hit? And what am I looking at in that pic

getsorted limit, in the image there is a server list. the list shows approx how many players are in the server.

How often are you fetching the ODS?

For something like that, you’d probably be best setting up an external VPS to handle it.

every 30 secs, i go through multiple pages

Multiple pages with, lets say, 8 players each? That’s 800 players per page. Do you have that many games? And must you fetch so many pages like that?

That’s my lobby, the list has uses nothing but one ODS. The lobby is firing off a ton of different types of datastore requests for players/lobby/following players constantly and it still manages it all. I think you’re fetching too much.

ya ur prob right thx