How to find what script is manipulating what value?

Some localscript in my game is constantly setting the Field of View to 70, and i cannot for the life of me figure out where or what it is. Does anyone know how to trace it from the camera object?

Could you try searching all scripts by doing ctrl + shift + f, searching 70, FieldOfView, etc?


I looked in all my scripts that are in StarterCharacter and StarterPlayer, and i really doubt that the script could be anywhere else

Do what he told you to. Please don’t be stubborn.

Are there any native scripts in the stock roblox player that would be manipulating the player’s Field of View?

I did, i was just saying that i was doubtful. Sorry for being unclear

What is the code where you try to manipulate FieldOfView?

And, did you get any results after doing what incapaz said?

It is in a localscript in an ability, where i set the field of view to 90 and then tween it back to 70. I was able to confirm that something else was manipulating the fov by directly setting it to 90 via inspector window, and seeing it immediately snap back to 70.

Also no, i havent found any results so far.

Finally found it, just after you said that. It was in one of my cloned localscripts that was kept in replicatedStorage.

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