How To Fire A FireServer() on another server sided script

please Help

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You can’t really do that, best way would be to make a bindable event and make it do the same thing as the remote event

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I’d personally consider modularizing your scripts via ModuleScripts. It’s much more organized and allows for communication between various components.

However, if you simply can’t solve the problem using modularization, a BindableEvent is a plausible last resort as @zhenjie2003 mentioned. I usually don’t promote the usage of BindableEvents too often because overuse can lead to disorganized, janky hierarchy.

can u make an example of using an module script please

Sure, here is an example:

Module script:
local module

module.something = {
[1] = “hello”,
[2] = “bye”,

return module

Server- or Local script:
local modulescript = workspace.ModuleScript

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