How to fix this Blender Problem

So whenever I switch the Render engine to cycles, and open Rendered, it always does this.

Can someone help me fix this? Thanks!

That’s just how Cycles’ rendered view works—Eevee is meant for real-time rendering and Cycles isn’t, so Cycles has to catch up and will obviously delay as it renders things differently than Eevee does


When you are on Rendered, it will do that. Does the same for me and everyone else who creates renders.

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To expand on @TheGh0stRunner’s answer:
Cycles is what is known as an Unbiased Path Tracing Render Engine.
This means that is calculating millions of simulated rays of light, and those rays bouncing and scattering off different types of surfaces. These render engines are hideously complicated and there are entire 100-page papers written about different methods of calculations possible to achieve various effects.

Point is, it’s very complicated. Cycles tries to mimic the real work as closely as possible without “cheating” as game engines and Eevee do. Some renders with Cycles can take hours, and rendering for Feature Films can often take many months.

Both game engines (such as roblox) and Eevee are designed to be real-time, where they render frames many times a second, hence the term “FPS” (Frames Per Second). They “cheat” at rendering and don’t use realistic methods of rendering.

Eevee is like a game engine, instant and easy but often unrealistic
Cycles is trying to copy the real world, slow but accurate and often realistic