How to fully delete an asset?

I’m sorry if it’s wrong category, but if i can archive an asset, can i fully delete it so that not exist anywhere?

I’m pretty sure you can’t due to a security reason. (Because people can log into your account)

I don’t think, i had game archived on my old account, and it did disappear, just wanted to make sure if it works with audio, images and things like this, and i think roblox will see that’s different ip adress

Well then head on over to

I will try it, thank you (random text so i can reply to you)

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If not, just contact roblox at:

I think i will just wait few months to check if it automatically delete


I’ve never fully deleted an asset, though I have archived them. So If you want some info from me, I know nothing :sweat_smile:

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You cannot delete an asset, but you can overwrite it with a new one.


thank you, i will mark this as solution, maybe they will delete it

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But the old version is still in the version history