How to gain current identity 3

Hello there, so im wondering how on roblox to gain current identity 3 and if somebody could explain it to me.

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You can get identity 3 in a core script. but you can’t write a core script. so you can’t.

A Current Explanation of Normal Identities and Security Tags
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The thing is, i want to make my own kick gui and whenever the player presses leave it will take them straight out of the game

So i figured i could use the game:Shutdown() event…

Just kick them…

// Function of instance Player
void Kick(string Message);
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Ur not getting the point. i want to get them out of the game not use the in-built kick.

That’s not possible given our current permissions. As stated above, the only way to gain Identity 3 is through a CoreScript, which us developers are not able to write.

So would it be of my benifit to msg a admin or somebody working for roblox?

No, that would not help. You’ll have to deal with the (not quite fancy) kick message or have the player click the builtin Leave button.

I put a post in engine features.

But why don’t you want to use the built-in kick function?

I think it’s because he wants the full text on the kick message


Instead of this

You were kicked from this game: Rejoin

Instead of removing the player at all, have you thought of deleting the character model and covering the player’s screen with a GUI displaying the information they need? Since local scripts don’t have the permissions to do what you’re asking this may be the next best thing.

Sunny, I have sent a engine feature post if u see it u will understand why

Mb auto-corrrect for sunny…

Attempt to crash them if you don’t prefer the built-in kick method?
But I’d rather use kick instead of trying to crash them though.

As the crash script has to be controlled by the client, they can easily disable the script.

Kick them from the server, as they have full control over their client and can just cancel the kick packet being sent to their client.