How to get datastore from place B after saving to datastore from place A

Hi! I made Place A where I teleport to Place B.

The function I want to accomplish is to save the player array created in Place A to the Data Store and import it from Place B.

Place A stores the array in the Data Store (“SetAsync”) and loads it into “GetAsync” well, but when I load it from Place B to “GetAsync”, nil is output.

How can I achieve it?


안녕하세요! 저는 플레이스 B로 텔레포트 하는 플레이스 A를 만들었습니다.

제가 완성하고 싶은 기능은 플레이스 A에서 만들어 놓은 플레이어 배열을 DataStore에 저장한 후 플레이스 B에서 이를 가져오는 것입니다.

플레이스 A에서 DataStore에 배열을 저장(SetAsync)하고 GetAsync로 불러올 때는 내용이 잘 출력되지만 플레이스 B에서 GetAsync로 불러오면 nil이 출력됩니다.

제가 어떻게 하면 될까요?

Did you check the key you are putting to import and export?

Yes, I did. If the original DataStore name and Key name are the same, is it right that different places can be shared?

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No, that’s not how it works. In a game if you create different places, they share the same datastores, but if its a different game, then two different games can not share the same datastore.

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“places” belong to the same game/experience.

@98beans It is possible, my game does it. I’m currently trying to fix it at the moment as we had a problem with data swapping.

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What different did I say? I said exactly the same??

oh yeah my bad, just woke up haven’t had a tea yet

Nah it’s all good, happens no worries

Alright, I’ll have to fix it by teleporting from one place to another. Thanks for the replies to both of you @GiantDefender427 @Hattasy

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