How to get headers from Error Request

  1. I’m attempting to make an on-platform ranking system, with the use of RoProxy Lite.

I’ve made some good progress, establishing an HTTP 403, meaning it’s validated my .ROBLOSECURITY cookie, and it’s returned my X-Csrf-Token within the headers. The main issue though, is that it errors fully. I first used a pcall function so it wouldn’t destroy my script, but it seems that I can’t even access the headers given from the request. Is there anything I can do?

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Have you tried using HttpService:ReqestAsync()?
whenever you get response from the website when using requestasync then it returns
your headers.

Whenever you get the response, do response.Headers to get the headers.

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You do not realize how genius you are. Let me explain why are you so gosh darn helpful. First, I was trying to create a on-platform ranking service, using RoProxy. It’s been two days of fudging around with code, and I’ve been testing it a crap ton with Postman, but I wasn’t able to access the headers, until you came up with this solution. And uh, now you can make on-platform ranking services, just by setting up RoProxy, and using some simple code, along with accessing your .ROBLOSECURITY token. : )

Anywho thank you very much.

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