How to get index of key in directory

for example if i had

local Table = {A = 10, B = 20}

how would i get the index if A or B

Use the [index] or .index syntax.

FieldName = is a sugar syntax for ["FieldName"] = in table constructors.

uh sorry but i don’t quite understand

In this example, you would use either:

Table.A -- A
Table.B -- B

…or this…

Table["A"] -- A
Table["B"] -- B

You’ll mostly use the former case, but the latter case is used when it’s a variable or if the name contains whitespaces.

how does this get the index for a or b

I accidentally misread the question, or you might have written the question full of ambiguity or incorrect vocabulary(maybe). So if you want to get index from a value, you’ll have to iterate through it.

local testValue = 10

local function getIndexFromValue(value)
    for index, indexValue in pairs(Table) do
        if indexValue == value then
            return index


Alternatively, there is a specific method for it too!

table.find(Table, 10) -- this doesn't work lol
table.find(Table, 20)

table.find only accounts for integer indices so it returns a number and not a string so this doesn’t work.

I think I overlooked that detail, thank you very much. Clearly I’ve missed that it works on only “array-like” tables so that is scratched off the list.

Make reversed table via pairs if nil value is not there.

Since I don’t know what if ipairs works with non-integer…

figured it out on my own!!!