How to get location for models (made of multiple parts)

I made a model in roblox studios, and want to export it as a mesh, do some edits in blender, and then re-import it, however, I want it to stay at the exact location as it was exported from. (the edits in blender would not change its size, it would only delete some useless vertices) I thought grouping them and then taking the location data there would work, as it should be the middle point of the model, however, when I try to re-import it, the Y location seems to be around 0.4 studs or so (not exact) higher.

Copy the Position of the original mesh into the other? Like the actual Position property

No like, I am exporting a model (which isn’t a mesh yet, but a collection of parts, and a mesh because I dunno), and making it into a singular mesh, but when I put in the location data, this happens:
(grey is mesh, green is original collection of parts)

If the model is made of multiple parts, I would recommend you union them instead, it’s easier and more precise. Also faster I think (not sure), and it will stay in the same position

Yes, but I want to remove extra vertices in blender because its an entire 2k parts

Then you could just position it by yourself using the move tool. You can set the move distance to .001, and position it perfectly. Sorry, I don’t know any other solution

You can use ‘Insert With Location’. Select all parts of your model, then right click and press it. The function is self-explanatory.