How to get people to click on ads?

How to get people to click on ads? I dont know. Any strategies?


make the ad catchy, of course.
spend more bobux on ads to get a higher chance of people clicking
all I gotta say

Just prepare an interesting banner or thumbnail.

It depends you could test the water put small portions of robux into your advertisement, and see if you get a decent ‘ctr’.

With what has been said there are many ways to attract players to check out your game through your game advertisement. Make the ad descriptive and interesting click on. There are many other ideas that come to making players click on your ads/ sponsors.

I’m not too experienced, but a good start would be making the ad attractive or something players will click on. Take a look at already made games such as ‘jailbreak’, and see what you can do to grasp your audience - show what the game is about and include things to enhance the quality of the design. Make it look appealing to get people to click on it.

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It should be very attractive in terms of colours you use and the way you represent your whole game into a single ad.

Ads like “Click Me” “Before & After” , using famous youtuber’s status edit will never work , in fact it will bring down the whole reputation of your game.

Try to make it attractive so the player wants to click it and find out whats it about (leading to your group or game)

Most important make your ads colorful and attractive and don’t add things like “Please Click” or “Denis played this game” it simply wont work. Ok thats all I gotta say :slight_smile: