How to get player's character if player don't playing this game?

Ok so i decided to load player’s character and then put it in viewport frame.
Does exist any way to get player’s character by using player’s id???
So there is a plugin that insert in game player’s character if you print player’s id.
Can i make the same thing?

You can use Humanoid Descriptions.


 local description = Players:GetHumanoidDescription(PLAYER_ID)

then you can apply said description to a humanoid


Here is the resources for these things if you need further information:

If you have any questions let me know

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Thank you very much.
I didn’t ever think that this thing exist.) :laughing:

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Also i have a question.
So you just take dummy and then apply description to it’s humanoid?

That is correct, I’m almost certain that you can not do this in a viewport (since you can’t apply accessories in a viewport) so you’ll have to apply this before loading the character into a viewport frame.

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Also another question if I use dummy that is r6 and player’s character is r15 will it become r6 or it will just load and add accessories to it?

I don’t see any reason that should cause any complications. It should be fine!

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