How to get players from a team to access the PlayerGui without cloning?

How do I make this gui work for players on a certain team? I tried many ways and even check other post’s and still found nothing.

Here is the current script and video on what I’m trying to perform but for teams

	for _, player in pairs(PlayerService:GetPlayers()) do
		--Who can use the command
		--if powers >= Moderator then
		local Decoded = messageToDecode:split(" ")
		Decoded[2] = string.lower(Decoded[2])
		if string.lower(player.Name) ~= Decoded[2] then
			for _, teams in pairs(Team:GetChildren()) do
				local teamName = teams.Name
				local DecodedTeamName = messageToDecode:split(" &$%"..teamName.." ")
				DecodedTeamName[3] = DecodedTeamName[2]
				DecodedTeamName[2] = teamName
				if DecodedTeamName[3] then
					if player.Team == Team[DecodedTeamName[2]] then
                                        -- code

game.ReplicatedStorage.AdminRemoteEvents.SendCommand.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, messageToDecode)
	local Decoded = lowermessage:split(" ")
	local removeSlash = Decoded[1]:split("/")
	removeSlash[1] = "/"

	local cmdName = removeSlash[2]

	if commands[cmdName] then

		commands[cmdName](player, powers, messageToDecode)


if Player.Team == Team then
    -- Enable the Team Gui

thats under the if DecodedTeamName[3] statement and it didnt work.

Why are you decoding the team name?

its for my admin command script

This worked but now I need to figure out how to play it at the same time.