How to get rid of dark lines between trancparent parts?

hello everyone.
im trying to make a spaceship. in this space ship i have windows the problem is when i place 2 transparent blocks next too each other there is a dark line between them. here is a picture: to picture
I tried to get rid of it by using union. but that did not work.
How cna i get rid of it ?


Okay, your problem is that the parts are not correctly lined up against each other: one part is too thick, one part is too thin, some parts are overlapping, you get what I mean.

So I suggest that every part should have the same thickness, do not overlap the parts with each other and just line them up correctly then “unionize” them so it has that smooth and clean look.

(For the other viewers/readers so that you do not have to press the link)

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Unioning the parts together will solve this. If you find that union doesn’t resolve the issue, it may be because there is a slight gap between the parts.

In the example below, I created a very small overlap between the two parts and the boundary completely disappeared when unioning them:

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Hi! Whilst using unions is a viable option to remove your issue, there is an alternative option that is much simpler!

You can just change the material of your block to glass. As you can see here, once you change the material to glass, the lines disappear.

Because glass doesn’t render non-opaque objects, it doesn’t have this issue whereas other materials do. This is probably a better option than using unions which are more triangle-heavy and can have performance issues.

Hope this helps!