How to get rope swinging physics + character movement?


Im working on a grapple system where players can grapple onto places, swing around aswell as using the scroll wheel to determine how big the rope is. The only issue with this is that with setting the humanoid state to physics, player movement isn’t a thing, and im wondering if there’s a better way to approach getting the swinging effect so players can still move around on them to change directions and what not.

Heres what it currently is like:

The player isn’t able to walk at all with wasd which is what I want them to do, but if I set their humanoid state to not physics, then they don’t swing at all. I want them both, how can I get this?

Here’s what I propose might work: Attach the rope to the player’s head or arm(s) and enable ragdoll. Then make a line force system to get the player to move(attached to the legs maybe). Since line forces are relative to the body, this will create a pendulum.