How to get the Position of a LookVector

I wanna know how to get the position of a look vector so I can make a raycast out of it

LookVector is a direction, not a position

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well whats a way for me to make a raycast for mobile players

I don’t get what your trying to say but, if I’m not mistaken, a ray always gets casted from the front face of a part, or it casts from the face closest to its destination.

but like @Orbular3 said LookVector is direction, so you can’t really get it’s “Position”.

so how does arsenal do it?this might probably be a hard question i dont mind u not answering

Get the max look distance you want to, then just use lookvector(it gives you the direction of a cframe in .unit), so if you multiply look vector by a distance, you should get the relative position to the cframe’s position.

From my understanding, whenever the LMB is clicked a ray is casted from the player’s camera to the mouse position and a “Bullet” is shot from the gun, some games shoot it from the Barrel, but most games cast it from the camera, cause it’s the best way to center a bullet, some games like Halo, use both methods for different situations, but it’s really your choice in the end.

yes but the bullet physics gets confusing

I’m pretty sure a bullet really is just there for show it doesn’t do anything and gets deleted if the ray detects something or it’s been there for a certain amount of time without the ray detecting anything, I’m pretty sure the ray does the damage, but the bullet could also be one damaging.

Ill go with this solution then since i dont really get @fgfbfrj 's solution

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