How to get the text of a Textbox?

Apologies, if my wording is unclear, I’m still kinda new to this, but basically, what I’m trying to implement is a “code” system, where if the player enters the code from an in-game item, it gives them a small pet, although I am unsure how to get the TextBox contents in the first place to do so.

Any help is appreciated! ^

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You can just do this:


-- prints the textbox's text!

Ah, well, I mean, what I’m trying to do is: Set a code requirement, like for example, in the textbox, a player must write “FREEPET” in order to receive the pet, but I’m unsure how to set such requirements.

Is there any code we can review?

This video can help you.



   if TextBox.Text == "FREEPET" then
    pendInv(Receiver, ..  RandomPet)

thanks! i’ll check that out, just saw this!

Can I see the whole code so that we can see what this function exactly does? This isn’t alot of info here.

Thanks for the help! I’ve marked this as a solution, and you’ve also managed to recommend me a good youtuber for this! Really appreciate the help :smiley:

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You’re welcome. If you have any question, you can open a new topic and ask again. Have a nice day. :slight_smile: