How to get the time position of someone's animation that is being played locally on his client?

I have a dancing game with sync system. All animations are server-sided which gives a delay when you sync with someone. I wanted the animations client sided. However, I won’t be able to get someone’s animation time position if they’re playing locally. Any ideas?

You can use a remote event to fire to all clients RemoteEvent:FireAllClients

What am I supposed to do with remote events if I can’t get the time positon of someone else’s animation time position? Please help.

Well, I think remote events can solve these issues. It’s client sided and will sync perfectly for each client.

Let’s say the other player’s animation time position is 50. Then I’ll just make the time position on my player 50 as well so they could somehow sync.

This is possible on server sided animations since I can access their animation time position. If they are now local, how can I get their animation’s time position.

So you can still track the time position on the server. But you can send that information to the clients using remotes.

You can track time position from an animation that is being played locally from the other client? Lemme try. :open_mouth:

No, I said it can be done on the server and information can sent using remotes