How to get users LastLocation (User Online Status) using their usernames with roblox api

I wanna to check if a user is offline, online or playing using this api:

this work perfectly however i wanna to do that using the username not the userId, I saw some topics which provide this api to get the user information with the username only:

but that one does not give you the “LastLocation” information which i need to check if the user is playing, you can know only if he is online. I tried mixing both to make this one:

but that didn’t work too, I got an “User not found” error, he consider that the username is USER_NAME/onlinestatus, So does anyone know how to do this right? or is there are any other api could help me to get the “LastLocation” Information?
thanks for anyone will try to help.

Well, request the username on the api. Then from the results of the api, store the userID and request the onlinestatus on the other api.

Well I guess this is the only option I have, thanks for help!

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