How to give the player "luck"

So im attempting to make a crate type system, where you can spin for items, Its going okay so far, but i’ve been stuck on this problem.

Basically I want to make a “luck” system, where the player can get more luck opening the crates. At first I thought about just adding percentage to each item, but the problem is that the 1 in 2’s become more like 1 in 1’s because the luck also applies to them, so by giving each item more chance to be opened, I am also making it so the box is only commons

I hope that makes sense
Thanks in advance,

Recommend searching a topic called weighted random.

No idea how crate systems work but i think about it like there is a number range and if you get to a specific range you get a specific pet
So my idea is just make the range for rare items bigger if that’s what you did
(Didn’t touch studio for over a month now maybe i got the scripting type of dementia
Go easy on me i didnt even make a simulator game in my life and there is a high chance i will never make one)

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