How to go about setting game values?

Hey, I reached the point in my project again where it’s time to set all the game values, like prices (in-game currency), power value of weapons for example, the price to unlock the next zone. So far I’ve always just done some random stuff, but in my last project this went badly and I had to rebalance several times for weeks. I was wondering how everyone else goes through this part of development.


Well, are you doing this project solo? Or do you have a management team that could help you with it? When working on these type of projects, having someone which manages the names of things, currency etc is very important.

How do other developers do it?

I guess it all comes down to how effective will this object be in the final product of the game. (By object I mean whatever you need to be given a value)

I also believe experience takes a big part in this, do you have any sort of experience when it comes to giving values to things? If not, then I guess inspiration from other games on Roblox could also help you a lot.

Sorry if this isn’t much help, I am also not exactly sure how other game developers do it.

[Closed] Thank you for reading.

I understand what you are going through. Balancing a game to make it fair and work is very difficult. I recommend categorizing everything you want to balance from low importance to high importance. For example, price to enter zones. I would try to tackle that by seeing how long it will take to earn enough money to access that zone. While doing that, ask yourself if you are enjoying the game while doing so. This may be a small issue due to developer bias so I recommend having other people like friends to play and have them tell you your opinion. For weapons, I would scale them by their associated level of how much damage they cause. I would recommend setting up some kind of metrics to determine how long each player takes to get to another zone, if they quit the game, how do players die, what weapons are used most. Data is your ally with balancing and knowing how your players are playing the game will help you balance it.

There is no easy way to do this in my opinion, I would plan out how you want players to play your game and balance the best you can. You can always change the balancing afterwards. Good luck.

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