How to have different landscapes with Roblox Terrain Editor

Hi, so Im currently working on a battlegrounds that I want to have a map chooser on, I want the maps to be using Roblox advanced terrain but the problem is that I don’t know how to have different “terrain” objects

That’s not quite possible from what I know currently. Not certain if they are going to give the ability to have multiple terrain objects for higher diversity of terrain.


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Oh alright thanks for informing me

You could add more places to your game and move between them using the teleport service., this is how i have done it anyway. If your project structure is kept organised its very easy to save all you scripts/models to files and then import into a new project with a diferent Terrain.

So you could have a lobby place where the players start and from there the map selection which then loads(teleports player) correct place selected.

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no idea how it is done but I think what you’re after for is possible though

I’m certain there is a whole load of games who have a system where you are after for but the only one I can name right now is:

Possible Solution

You could use Terrain:CopyRegion() to save a map, and Terrain:PasteRegion() to load the map in. Not entirely sure whether this works, but if they work as I think they do, it’s perfect for your use case.


CopyRegion requires one argument: A Region3int16.
PasteRegion, on the other hand, requires three. The first being the TerrainRegion stored by CopyRegion, the second being a Vector3int16 corner, and the third being a bool of whether empty cells should be pasted. The bool would be true in your case, I’m pretty sure.

More documentation can be found on the wiki.